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    Retirement Transition Specialist.

    Retire. Re-fire. Renew.

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    Dear Baby Boomer Woman,

    Like the image in a rearview mirror, closer than they appear, retirement looms in your near future. Perhaps, retirement is just around the corner. Or maybe, you've already retired and the honeymoon of doing nothing is over--a life in pajamas is boring. What are you going to do?

    How will you fill those extra 2,000-3,000 hours per year that retirement affords you intentionally and creatively? Clarity Coaching can help you REFIRE.

    You may not want to work 40 to 60 hours per week. Nor, do you want to be guided by someone else’s schedule. You do want to work but on your own terms. You may even want to be an entrepreneur. Whatever it is, you want to continue to impact your community and the world in a positive way.

    Clarity Coaching gives you a place to brainstorm all of those ‘when-I retire-I’m going-to’ dreams. We provide the tools to re-imagine a future where you call the shots. We partner with you to create actionable plans for when the nine-to-five is over. Clarity Coaching makes re-firing possible.

    You’re a smart woman. Contact us today to begin a conversation about the next chapter of your life.

    Don’t just retire. Re-fire today.

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    I keep saying I’m going to retire soon, but couldn’t make myself pinpoint a date. Retirement coaching has given me the tools to objectively look at my situation, now I know that I am ready to make that move in 2018.Gloria, Reception Services Coordinator